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Office of the Director (HNAM91)

Office of Hospital Physical Environment (HNAM9B)

Division of Facilities Planning (HNAM92)

  • Office of the Director (HNAM92)
  • Facilities Planning and Programming Branch (HNAM922)
  • Planning Resources Branch (HNAM923)
  • Space Planning and Management Branch (HNAM924)
  • Site Infrastructure Planning Branch (HNAM925)
  • Division of Facilities Operations and Maintenance (HNAM94)

  • Office of the Director (HNAM94)
  • Clinical Center Facilities Management Branch (HNAM942)
  • Maryland Facilities Management Branch (HNAM943)
  • Campus Services Branch (HNAM944)
  • Accreditation Services Branch (HNAM946)
  • Rocky Mountain Laboratory Facilities Management Branch (HNAM94B)
  • Research Triangle Park Facilities Management Branch (HNAM94C)
  • Office of Acquisitions, ORF (HNAM95)

  • Office of the Director (HNAM95)
  • Real Estate Contracting Branch (HNAM952)
  • Architect-Engineer and Construction Contracting Branch (HNAM953)
  • Facilities Support Services Contracting Branch (HNAM954)
  • Policy Support and Quality Control Branch (HNAM955)
  • Division of Technical Resources (HNAM96)

  • Office of the Director (HNAM96)
  • Standards & Policy Branch (HNAM962)
  • Technical Support Branch (HNAM963)
  • Utility Systems Design and Technical Service Branch (HNAM967)
  • Utilities Engineering Branch (HNAM965)
  • Utilities Generation Branch (HNAM964)
  • Utilities Distribution Branch (HNAM966)
  • Division of Environmental Protection (HNAM97)

  • Office of the Director (HNAM97)
  • Sustainability Branch (HNAM972)
  • Environmental Compliance Branch (HNAM973)
  • Waste and Resource Recovery Branch (HNAM974)
  • Division of Budget and Financial Management (HNAM98)

  • Office of the Director (HNAM98)
  • Business Support Branch (HNAM982)
  • Budget Development and Execution Branch (HNAM983)
  • Division of Facilities Stewardship (HNAM99)

  • Office of the Director (HNAM99)
  • Building Electrical Systems Branch (HNAM992)
  • Building Mechanical Systems Branch (HNAM993)
  • Energy Management Branch (HNAM994)
  • Portfolio Assessment and Reporting Branch (HNAM995)
  • Specialty Branch (HNAM996)
  • Division of Design and Construction Management (HNAM9A)

  • Office of the Director (HNAM9A)
  • Clinical Design and Construction Branch (HNAM9A2)
  • Laboratory Design and Construction Branch (HNAM9A3)
  • Cancer & SAT Program Design and Construction Branch (HNAM9A5)
  • Office and Leased Facilities Design and Construction Branch (HNAM9A6)
  • Design and Technical Services Branch (HNAM9A7)
  • Division of Design and Construction Management (HNAM9A)

    Location: 13/2W48
    Main Phone: 301-496-6186
    Fax: 301-402-0401

    Design and Technical Services Branch (HNAM9A7)
    Boray, Gopinath, RABranch Chief301-435-2050
    Gangestad, MarkwinAssistant Chief301-496-7965
    Alamir, Afra, RAProject Officer301-402-9243
    Algararheh, Mohammad, PEProject Officer301-594-7035
    Ali, SamnaProject Officer301-443-7383
    Andrade, Lenin V.Project Officer301-594-5361
    Baker, Edson W., RAProject Officer301-435-2107
    Brady, Patrick C., RAProject Officer301-496-2974
    Brown, Willie* EDMS Configuration Manager301-443-8425
    Chaudhry, Shazana*EDMS SharePoint Technical Support301-451-7912
    Devaney, Pete*Project Support301-402-4808
    Gemmell, David*Project Support410-446-6459
    Gola, ChetnaProject Officer301-435-1651
    Hamlett, David H.*Project Support301-435-7534
    Howey, Paul J.Project Officer301-443-7542
    Juarez, George*EDMS Team Lead301-443-8426
    Kinn, LisaProject Officer301-496-7216
    Lee, Mary*Project Support SAT301-402-4352
    Morton, Barry*EDMS CAD and Drawing Help Desk Specialist301-435-7607
    Oliver, Gregory*Program Support Program Support301-435-9381
    Perez Castro, Fernando,* PEProgram Support Program Support301-451-6465
    Rahman, Mahbub*Program Support Program Support301-451-2472
    Ramis, Tony, PEProject Officer Program Support301-402-4189
    Reese, Ken*Project Support301-594-6761
    Santos, Derrick*Program Support Program Support301-451-6465
    Simek, GregProject Officer301-443-7512
    Veney-Jefferies, SheilaProgram Support Assistant301-451-6465
    Vergara, Conner J.NIH Intern (Engineering Tech)302-435-0250
    Whitaker, DerrickProject Officer301-402-0895
    * indicates Contractor or Consultant